hii i'm ruesha/riti ♡ desi lesbian 16 they/them (no labeled gender) no masc terms & "girl"


h3gc, math, pink, jungkook, stationary, choir, bollywood, buldak, crds, shuhua, piano, baking, cooking, singing

music gidle, bts, doja cat, madison beer, melanie martinez, sabrina, ariana, raveena, arijit, girl & the dreamcatcher, izone + other kpop grps

biases jungkook, shuhua, soojin, yoongi, seokjin, wonyoung, minju, chaewon, rosé (solo)

links whi, youtube, spotify

Things to Know

main/priv. i only care abt bts & idle. i tweet whatever i feel like. i interact a lot. lmk if we were old moots. if i sb/decline ur req don't req again.

fyi i dont like skz, bp (as a whole), omg, suju

dni -14 or 21+, terf or radfem, weird mlm, white, cishet, bts or gidle anti: just overall weird

cr biogger99